Back in June of 2021, we told you that the Cedar Rapids City Council approved tax incentives for a massive FedEx warehouse to be built in Cedar Rapids. Now, the city prepares for that facility to start serving the community later this year.

According to the Gazette, the almost $109 million, 479,000 square-foot FedEx facility set on 11 acres is set to open and begin operations this fall. The new warehouse is located on Commerce Park Drive in southwest Cedar Rapids south of Highway 30 and west of I-380. What's even more exciting about the new space is all of the workers that will need to be hired to operate it. The Gazette reports that it will create "359 part-time, and 75 full-time positions." Plus, 35 of those will pay 23.20 per hour. Not only is the place hiring local people, but it's working with local businesses.

The new building, which is only about a mile from the current existing FedEx warehouse in Cedar Rapids will be a "state-of-the-art" facility. The Gazette reports that it will "incorporate advanced material handling and sorting technology." With the updated technology, this facility has the ability to process up to 15,000 packages an hour. And that's just upon opening! After a year of being up and running, it is expected to process up to 22,000 packages an hour. Now that's service!

FedEx Facility Proposed for Cedar Rapids

This facility is just one of the many new improvements to southwest Cedar Rapids. We've seen an "explosion in development" estimated around $1 billion that includes BAE Systems, the new classified aerospace facility worth over $170 million. The growth in this quadrant of the city sure doesn't seem to be slowing down.

NewBo Lofts Development

A pair of buildings will be constructed at 455 16th Ave. SE in Cedar Rapids. They will comprise a total of 110 multi-family units. Tentative construction plans call for work to begin in spring or early summer 2022 and to be complete and ready for occupancy in the summer of 2024.

Cedar Rapids Condo With Amazing View is For Sale

This Cedar Rapids condo lets you live on the skyline, with all of the 5th floor and a 6th floor mezzanine. It's located in The Depot at 420 12th Avenue SE in Cedar Rapids. The unit is suite 500.

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