As a football fan, I'm always looking for new gameday experiences. So when the chance to visit two stadiums I'd never been to before presented itself I jumped at the chance. My son Chase and I took a bus trip this weekend that featured a college football game AND an NFL game the next day. First stop, Madison.

I'd never been to Camp Randall Stadium before and much like Kinnick Stadium, Camp Randall is emersed in a neighborhood of Madison. It was absolute bedlam. People everywhere! But, as you might imagine, there was plenty of black and gold on the streets along with the Badger red. Camp Randall is actually celebrating 100 years of existence this season and the old stadium was a great place to view the game.

Ryan Brainard

While the outcome of the game wasn't what Iowa fans were hoping for, there was a moment that everyone will remember. That is the Wisconsin tradition at the end of the 3rd quarter to play the song 'Jump Around'.  The tradition began in 1998 and it is going on strong to this day!

The next stop on the football tour was the city of Chicago and Soldier Field. As a Packer fan, I've seen a Bears vs. Packers game before but always in Green Bay. On a rainy, cold day, plenty of the green and gold could be seen all over historic Soldier Field. In a rivalry game like this, records simply don't matter. The game was close but the Packers held on in the end.

Ryan Brainard

Yes, it was a cold and wet weekend. Yes, the traffic in Chicago is the thing of nightmares. Yes, my back is messed up because of a crappy hotel bed and cramped quarters on the bus. But Chase and I got to make some more awesome football memories that we'll have forever!