Is there a traffic issue more controversial than roundabouts? Ask anyone about them and they have an opinion. I live in Marion where roundabouts have been for several years now. Yes, they did take some getting used to. Yes, some people still aren't sure whats going on. But I for one, don't mind them. The city of Cedar Rapids is about to add two roundabouts to the Johnson Avenue area.

One roundabout will go at Johnson Ave and Wiley Blvd. in front of Hoover Elementary. The other will go at Johnson and Jacolyn Drive. The reason for the two new roundabouts? Safety. Cedar Rapids traffic engineering says that there have been over 70 crashes at Johnson and Wiley over the past decade and over 50 at Johnson and Jacolyn. Many of them were broadside crashes that can typically be prevented with the use of a roundabout.

Construction will begin in the spring. Cost of the project will be nearly $8 million. That includes the roundabout along with pavement reconstruction, bike lanes, crosswalks and more. The city has released a video simulating what the roundabouts would look like.

[via KCRG]

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