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Cedar Falls public safety officers have arrested two local residents on charges connected to a violent kidnapping.

On Sunday, authorities took 46-year-old Donovan Danielson and 32-year-old Nicole Sage into custody on charges of first-degree kidnapping. Danielson and Sage are accused of holding a man against his will in their home in Cedar Falls.

Public safety officials were dispatched to Days Inn just before 5:30 AM after the victim walked into the motel and reported that he had been assaulted. The victim told officials that he met with an acquaintance at 310 Iowa Street, and while there, he was held by force against his will.

According to authorities, the victim was gagged and tied to a chair for a lengthy period of time. The man was burned and struck with blunt objects by two people armed with a shotgun. The victim was treated for multiple injuries at an area hospital.

Officials said they searched the Iowa Street home and discovered evidence associated with the reported kidnapping.

First-degree kidnapping is a Class A felony. Danielson and Sage will spend the rest of their lives in prison, if convicted of the crime.

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