I was in my living room on Sunday evening watching some TV when the alarm went off on my cell phone. What could this possibly be? My first thought was an amber alert. It couldn't be anything weather-related, right? To my surprise, it turned out that it was a TORNADO WARNING. Tornado? Where? It couldn't be anywhere near us. I pulled up the radar on my phone and there was no precipitation in Eastern Iowa. Until I zoomed in.

Upon further inspection, there was one tiny little storm cell right near Cedar Rapids. Apparently, it was strong enough to produce a small funnel cloud. Many people saw the funnel and posted pictures online. The National Weather Service responded appropriately and issued a warning.

Weather officials say that the funnel cloud was weak, and never really posed any threat. They aren't even sure if it ever even touched the ground! But, I'm glad that the National Weather Service issued the warning.

How many times can you say that you were surprised by a tornado warning?


[via CBS2]

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