Kids can learn about anything by googling it now.  But a recent study found MOMS are still our go-to source for advice.

Here are the top life lessons we learned from our mom:

  • "Always try your best."  Over a third of people in the survey said they heard that one.
  • "Treat others the way you'd like to be treated."
  • "If you don't ask for something, you won't get it."
  • "Don't worry about what other people think."
  • "Never say you CAN'T do something.  There's no such thing as can't."
  • "Never give up."
  • "Believe in yourself."
  • "Do what makes you happy."
  • "It's what's on the inside that counts."

Of course, there have been countless others like, don't stick a fork in an electrical outlet, don't hit your brother/sister over the head with the good China, don't start ants on fire with a magnifying glass, don't start YOUR aunt on fire with a... oops, that one might have just been my family.

Happy Mother's Day!!

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