Some nostalgic and new shoes find themselves on this list. You can watch all these shows on the Disney Plus app. They are sure to keep the kids distracted.

10. The World According to Jeff Goldblum

It's a documentary style show with Jeff being his usual funny self, and interviewing people who do things he thinks is cool. It's a Disney+ original and has one season.

9. Phineas and Freb

This show is on the trending page a lot because kids still love it and older teens who grew up with it love to go back and watch older episodes from time to time. There are 4 seasons up right now.


8. Recess

Okay this one may be for us older kids out there. It ran from 1997-1999, and boy is it a classic. You can watch all three seasons right now.

7. Jessie

Kids love this show. It's on the trending tab, and the Disney Channel favorites list. You can watch all four seasons now. It's never been one of my favorites since it came out a bit after my time, but my three sisters watch it nonstop.

6. Wizards Of Waverly Place

This show was right in the middle of my early teenage years, and I loved it. Kids today are finding it on Disney+ and falling in love with it. All four seasons are up, and so are the movies. I can still watch it with my sister and enjoy myself.

5. The Mandalorian

Yes this one had to be on the list, fun for all ages. It is a Disney+ original and has one season with a second on the way.

4. that's SO raven 

My favorite Disney show growing up, and a fun one to show the family. A lot of shows we grew up watching, and then watch as adults may causes us to cringe. This one is still a jam. Another one with four seasons up.

3. Hannah Montana

Going back and watching this show is a bit goofy, It's one of those shows that as an adult I can't watch again. That being said it's the show that made a lot of our childhood, and kids today still love it with a die hard passion. All four seasons are up now. The movies are up as well.

2. Star Wars The Clone Wars

This show is great for adults and kids. I watched it as a kid and still watch it today. There are six original seasons, and a seventh season currently being released by episodes as a Disney+ series.

1. The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody

Another one us adults in our early 20's grew up with, but this show was so successful, it even got a spin off called The Suite Life On Deck. Showing the beloved Suite gang to a whole new group of kids. Both shows are on Disney +.

Did your favorite make it to this list?

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