I'm not sure how someone could walk into a store, buy a Powerball ticket and then NOT know if they won or not. I suppose that's because I rarely play. I only buy a ticket when the jackpot gets obnoxiously large and then I only buy one ticket. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. Someone out there purchased a Powerball ticket in Iowa and won $1 million dollars. Only they apparently don't know it.

April 11th is the deadline for someone to claim their million dollar prize off the ticket that was originally sold in central Iowa. Lottery officials can confirm that the winning ticket was won on the Powerball drawing on April 11th, 2018. The ticket was sold at the Casey's location at 1800 S.B Ave. in Nevada. It matched all five of the first numbers but missed the Powerball. The winning numbers that night were 16-18-27-55-67 and the Powerball was 18. The Power Play was 3.

The winner has until April 11th of this year to claim the $1 million dollar prize at lottery headquarters in Clive. Why has no one come forward? I can only guess that the ticket was sold to someone who buys many every week. Maybe they forgot to check one. Perhaps one fell out on the way back from the store to their car. It just kills me to know that someone out there is sitting on $1 million  and doesn't even know it.


[via KTVO]

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