Three different Iowa businesses have announced either bonuses, temporary raises, or additional vacation for employees.

Let's begin with Fareway. They've announced the Fareway Family Frontline Plan. It gives a one-time bonus to all hourly employees under age 18. Part-timers under 18 will also get 20 hours of paid time off. Full-timers who are hourly will get a full week of paid time off, 40 hours. Warehouse foremen and assistant managers at stores will score 47 hours of paid time off. It's important to note it's "time off." The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier reports Fareway is allowing employees to trade the hours for a cash payment. Current Fareway job openings can be found HERE.

Hy-Vee is giving their full and part-time workers a 10 percent bonus based on hours worked between March 16 and April 12. Hy-Vee says the bonuses will be paid on April 17. The company says the total dollar amount of the bonuses will be around $10 million. KTIV says Hy-Vee is providing additional new benefits including a minimum 2-weeks of protective leave for anyone who works for the company that tests positive for COVID-19.

Kwik Star has announced they're giving temporary $2 an hour raises to employees in their stores and support center workers. The raises will be retroactive to last week and continue through the third week in April. Drivers and leaders of individual stores will receive an additional $100 each week. Our Quad Cities reports Kwik Trip (parent company of Kwik Star) is currently hiring 2,000 employees. A local search turned up 17 opportunities HERE.

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