The Washington Post posted an online quiz that can potentially figure out details of your life based on how you use your phone, and my result was right on!

"You are a single lady younger than 32 who makes less than $52,000/year."

Right on, Washington Post!

Sometimes I find myself taking ridiculous quizzes online, just to see if the results are at all accurate. Not surprisingly, most of the time they're not. But occasionally I will find one that happens to guess correctly. As soon as I saw this quiz pop up in my newsfeed today, I was like, "allllllright, I'll give it a try." I was pretty impressed by the result.

The quiz was created using data that was posted in the online scientific journal arXiv. Researchers at Aalto University in Finland and the Qatar Computing Research Institute looked at different apps used by 3,700 different people, and were able to find correlations between those apps and particular attributes. There are 16 possible results.

To take the quiz for yourself, click HERE. The directions are very simple, and it will only take you about a minute. Let us know how accurate/inaccurate your results were in the comments section!

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