Happy National Wine Day! In honor of this glorious holiday, we're taking a look at how Iowans like their wine.

Offers.com conducted a Google survey and asked around 1,000 adults in the U.S. about their favorite types of wine. Here's what that survey had to say about how us Iowans like our wine.

  • Iowans top three favorite wines are sweet red, dry red, and dry white.
  • 46% of Iowans drink wine while hanging out with their friends and family, 32% drink while relaxing at home, and 28% drink while having a meal at home.
  • 37% of Iowa wine consumers only drink on special occasions, 24% drink once a month (looks like some people may have fibbed a little on this survey), and 13% drink more than once a week.

See how Iowa compares to win drinkers in all of America in the graphic below.


Celebrate National Wine Day with your favorite bottle! Enjoy.

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