If you live in any of these cities you may want to be alarmed...no literally, you should probably get an alarm system. Yourlocalsecurity.com published an article showing the most burglarized cities in every state per capita!

They took a look at FBI data of reported burglaries from 2015 to determine the cities that had it the worst. It is possible that this could have changed in the last few years but let's take a look at Iowa.


For us, Keokuk was listed as the most burglarized city. The article states that Keokuk with a population of 10,670 had 130 reported burglaries. That's 121.8 burglaries per 10,000 people! What is going on Keokuk!?

Unfortunately there are crazy people out there and burglaries will continue to happen. Let's just hope that these numbers continue to decrease!

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