Not every town in every state is going to be full of certified geniuses.

Iowa as a whole is actually a pretty smart state. HomeSnacks recently found we're the 14th smartest state in the nation.

Generally, it's a pretty good idea to graduate from high school. Your path after that can involve college, going into a trade, or going straight into a career. According to RoadSnacks, a lot of Iowans dropped out of high school and...well...that led to some unfortunate statistics. Specifically, their list of the "dumbest cities in Iowa".

Of course, these stats can't reflect the character of folks who live in these towns but here are the numbers that RoadSnacks looked at:

  • Percent of adult high school dropouts
  • Percent of population highly educated

So here are the top 3 dumbest cities in Iowa, as calculated by those:

#3. Denison

Hometown of classic actress Donna Reed, Denison has a population of 8,323.

  • Percent of Adult High School Dropouts: 29%
  • Percent Highly Educated: 16%

#2. Perry

City of Perry, Iowa Facebook
City of Perry, Iowa Facebook

In the Des Moines area sits Perry, which has a population of about 7,836.

  • Percent of Adult High School Dropouts: 17%
  • Percent Highly Educated: 11%

#1. Osceola

Osceola Chamber Main Street
Osceola Chamber Main Street

And taking the top spot on this list is Osceola in Clarke County. Osceola's population is 5,412.

  • Percent of Adult High School Dropouts: 20%
  • Percent Highly Educated: 12.0%

Now, we know all of these are just book-smart stats and we know Iowans are some pretty smart folks. We definitely have the Midwest nice thing in the bag.

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