There's a theater right here in Eastern Iowa that was certified by The Guinness Book of World Records!

If you live in or have ever visited Washington, Iowa, you may be familiar with The State Theatre on East Washington Street. Originally called The Graham Opera House, the establishment opened back in May of 1897. Last April, The State Theatre was recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records as The World's Oldest Continuously Operating Movie Theater.

Obviously, things aren't exactly the same as they were back in 1897. Technology is drastically different, movie tickets cost more than 15 cents, and the building has undergone extensive renovations. The cool thing is, though, is that The State Theatre is really embracing their history. The current state of the theater very strongly resembles the way it looked back in 1946. They even have a popcorn machine that’s been going since 1948!

By the looks of it, the theater currently shows one movie a day. According to their website, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Sing will be finishing out the week.

Here are some photos of the iconic theatre that were posted on Instagram:

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