One of the biggest lessons that Holly and I try to teach our kids is honesty. Tell the truth. The lie is always worse than the act you're trying to cover up. But then there are the little 'white lies' we tell our kids. Don't feel too guilty parents, our moms and dads did it too! A new survey looked at the most common white lies parents tell their kids. Do any of these sound familiar?

  1. Telling them an annoying toy is lost.....but you really got rid of it!
  2. Lying to other parents about your parenting skills. Yes, we limit screen time too!
  3. Saying you have to leave somewhere because it's about to close....but it really isn't.
  4. Pretending you didn't eat their food or candy.
  5. Pretending to call the cops when they do something wrong.

I'll admit it. A few of those sound really familiar! What other little white lies do you tell your kids? Or do you not believe in telling them?


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