I may be 27-years-old, but most days I don't feel like it. Don't get me wrong, I try to be the most responsible adult I can be, but lately I've just been so sick of it. I still have to pay my bills and go to work and exercise, but this week I went grocery shopping and I just threw all my cares to the wind. Instead of buying all healthy foods, like I normally do, I decided to buy a giant bag of freeze pops (only $2.99!), some Lunchables, a couple bowls of Easy Mac, and a huge bottle of Sangria. Some people consider those foods (not the wine, obviously) to be staples for children, but who says adults can't enjoy them, too?!

Eating like a child isn't the only way that I'm a child at heart. I also love playing children's board games, coloring in my coloring books, watching animated Disney movies, and taking naps! What are some ways that you're still a kid at heart? Here are some of the responses we got on Facebook:

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