Negan would be so proud!

The Terrapin Beer Company in Athens, Georgia loves "The Walking Dead" so much, that they have based a couple of beers off the show! The newest one goes by the name Lucille, which "Walking Dead" fans know as villain Negan's weapon of choice. They describe the beer as: "an Imperial Stout brewed with blackstrap molasses and vanilla. Swinging for the fences, we aged this beer on hickory, maple, and white ash, the three woods that are used to produce baseball bats. Big and menacing, its flavors hit hard." It is set for a limited release in March.

Lucille is actually the second "Walking Dead" themed beer from the company. The also have The Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA. Their website says:

"With killer blood orange flavor, and a horrific amount of hops, this bloodthirsty Red IPA will have you prepared for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse."

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