Employees at The Clarion Hotel and Convention Center in Cedar Rapids are currently not too happy with their employer. According to CBS 2, employees of the hotel have reportedly not been paid in several weeks. CBS 2 has received calls and complaints from numerous employees, with many of them not willing to speak on camera for fear of being fired. One non-employee was willing to speak out: Jeff Wade.

Jeff Wade is the boyfriend of a Clarion employee, and he says that his girlfriend has been unable to pay her bills. The employee spoke to CBS 2 anonymously, and she said she's been working almost a month without pay. Apparently, employees did not receive their checks on time earlier in November, and then the late checks they received bounced. The couple even took a video of a Hy-Vee accountant telling employees that their checks had "insufficient funds."

So what's the reasoning behind this? Well, nobody really knows. The employee told CBS 2, "We're pretty much being left in the dark." An auditor for the Iowa Labor Division said that they have received about five calls from Clarion employees in the last week, and they believe the owner Hassan Hussain went back to his home in Virginia. The Iowa Labor Commissioner said they cannot help employees get their wages until they file a wage claim online. In the meantime, the U.S. Department of Labor is investigating.

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[Via CBS 2]

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