Yesterday, July 17th, was National Ice Cream Day, so Google decided to take a look at the most popular ice cream chains across the U.S.!

According to a new map posted by Google, Iowans really love their Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen is the top-searched ice cream chain in the state, but we're not alone. Other Midwest states that also do a lot of searching for Dairy Queen include Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. I guess Midwesterners really love Blizzards! Other Midwest winners include Baskin Robbins for Illinois, Cold Stone for Nebraska and South Dakota, and Andy's for Missouri.


If you're an Iowan that loves Dairy Queen, you should know that Miracle Treat Day is coming up next week! If you're not familiar with Miracle Treat Day, it's a big fundraiser held annually at Dairy Queen locations across the country. The website says:

"For every Blizzard® Treat sold on Miracle Treat Day at participating DQ® locations, $1 or more will be donated to local children’s hospitals through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

The local children's hospital that we're supporting here in Eastern Iowa is the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital in Iowa City. Be sure to mark your calendar for next Thursday, July 28th!

Although the Google study looked at ice cream chains, there are still plenty of great locally-owned ice cream places in the Cedar Rapids area! The top five according to Yelp are:

  1. Parlor City Ice Cream
  2. Frydae
  3. Almost Famous Popcorn
  4. Deb's Ice Cream
  5. The Freeze

You can read more about each of those businesses HERE.

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