Ask any parent and they'll tell you that their kids are the best part of their life. Those three yahoos with me in the above picture can create chaos in a heartbeat! But what would life be without them? I can't remember what life was like before having kids to be honest. A new survey found that 90% of parents say having kids was the best thing they ever did. But 70% didn't realize how hard it would be.

That same survey asked parents what were some of the things that they missed from their lives BEFORE the kids came along. Here are the top five answers from moms and dads.

  1. Being lazy on the weekend - I definitely get this one. No more laying around on the couch all weekend. You've got games to go to! Activities to do! Your kids don't want to lay around and watch football all weekend. Sorry.
  2. A clean and tidy house - Good Lord, yes! It's not that our house is never clean. It just never STAYS clean! Holly and I can spend an entire day cleaning up and the kids are home from school for five minutes and its all undone!
  3. Peace and quiet while watching TV - Don't watch shows that require detailed attention to plot points while the kids are awake. You'll just have to watch it again.
  4. Leaving the house whenever you want - Babysitters can be a hassle. Finding a good one, and one that wants to work when you want to go out can be tough. It does get better though, especially when one of your kids is old enough to watch their siblings. Sorry, Chase!
  5. Spending money without worrying about the budget - I look back on the days before we had kids and I honestly don't know where all our disposable income went! Now, every purchase must be discussed. Our food bill is more than our mortgage. Nothing is safe!

Yes, you have to give up a few things when you become a parent. It can be especially tough when your kids are small. But as they grow older, you are able to get back some of those freedoms you enjoyed before. But I'd never trade the three amazing kids I have for anything! Except maybe a clean house. And more money. Kidding!


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