Admit it: at one point or another you've cried over something totally ridiculous. It's ok, it happens! A British comedian recently made a list of all the reasons his wife started crying, and the results were hilarious.

I'm going to start by telling you that I'm not a huge crier. I used to be, but over time I've gotten slightly tougher, so things that SHOULD make me cry actually don't. But, I'm not ashamed to say that from time to time I DO cry over stupid little things if I'm overwhelmed in other aspects of life (or when it's a certain time of the month). For example, I cry EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to see a Broadway play and they start playing the overture. When I saw "Phantom of the Opera" and they were raising the chandelier? I totally lost it. One time I started crying because I was on my way home and I remembered that I would get to see my dog. One time I started crying because I was in downtown Iowa City and someone let me pet their tiny little pug puppy. One time I started crying because I really wanted a grilled cheese, but I didn't have any butter.

It's time for you to fess up! What's something ridiculous that made you cry? Leave your answer in the comments!