Everyday Twitter users are revealing some of the strangest encounters they've had with celebrities as part of a new viral trend.

It all started when Twitter user @hipstercrite, real name Lauren Modery, tweeted a request to her followers (and the Twitterverse at large) to share with her "the strangest interaction you've had with a celebrity."

To kick things off, Modery shared her own tale of briefly befriending an unnamed male star who was accused of murder.

The responses to her now-viral initial tweet (it's been quote-tweeted more than 23,000 times) didn't disappoint, with thousands upon thousands of folks chiming in with their celebrity encounter stories, ranging from bizarre to sweet.

Even some famous people got in on the conversation: Steven Spielberg's daughter Sasha joked, "My birth."

Pop duo Aly & AJ revealed the time they befriended a music legend by accidentally taking his seat.

"I once took a table that belonged to Dr. Dre at a party and just sat down," one of the sisters tweeted. "He made a comment like 'Hey that’s mine, but you can stay. You’re beautiful what’s your name I’m Dre.'"

Twitter user @solidariat_ recounted the bizarre time Tyler, the Creator apparently asked him for help hiding after the rapper sprayed some people at Coachella "with water guns."

Meanwhile, user @narlstrom had not one, not two, but allegedly 14 run-ins with a major Mission Impossible star.

"I used to be a performer and a float driver in the Electrical Parade at Walt Disney World. There was a week where Tom Cruise watched every single parade showing. Two showings each night, for seven nights in a row," he shared.

User @lucidjay revealed the time his 6-year-old son apparently befriended André 3000 on a boat. As the Twitter user tells it, the Outkast icon randomly texted him four years after the encounter to check in with his family.

In an odd, random encounter, one woman ecalled the time she met Gene Simmons, who supposedly tried to convince her "that his brand of condoms were the best for women."

"I had never spoken to him before and had only asked if he wanted a coffee while he waited for his meeting to start," @behindyourback tweeted.

One of the most unbelievable stories, however, involves Prince. According to one Twitter user, the late icon once comforted them when they were just a child while being babysat by one of the performer's band members.

"I made Prince give me cookies and comfort me after I hit my head on a table at his house. I was a toddler," @itsthebrandi claimed.

It turns out many people have had run-ins with the stars to varying degrees of believability!

Discover some more strange celebrity encounters and interactions — according to Twitter, anyway — below:

Awkward Celebrity Interactions

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