My daughter Carly is only 10 years old. But we often joke she's 10 going on 17. The fact she's so young plays a huge role in making sure that her social media footprint is still small. We allowed her to have Snapchat earlier this year so she could communicate and have fun with some of her friends. She is also 'friends' with Holly and I so we know what she is posting.

Carly loves to have fun with the different Snapchat filters. Who doesn't? I'll sometimes get a funny one from her before she heads off to school in the morning. I'll typically send her something stupid back. Yesterday morning I got a text from Holly with a picture attached. She told me that Carly had sent this to her via Snapchat.

Carly Pringle

So the first thing I noticed when I saw this was the word Tinder. Yes, Tinder is a dating app famous for swiping left and right and other horrible things. My mind immediately went to the worst case scenario. Is my 10-year daughter on Tinder? I then realized what I was looking at. It was a Snapchat filter. Carly clearly just liked the way it made her look, along with the phrase 'Single, not sorry'. 

But then why did she add 'Single Like a Pringle'? What does it mean? Where did she learn it? The always reliable and accurate Online Urban Dictionary defines Single Pringle as "someone who is single and handles it well and doesn't freak out over their lack of a bf/gf. Usually used by teenagers for relationship statuses or bios on social networks." Clearly, Carly had seen the phrase, or heard the phrase before and thought it was funny.

In the end, this snap was just my 10-year old having fun with a filter. But man, it sure did give her parents a scare. Monitor your kids online and on social media. And have them explain phrases you don't understand or know. Including ones involving potato chips.

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