I don't think anyone really plans on storming the field after a football game. I certainly didn't go into Saturday's Iowa versus Penn State game with that thought in mind. Yet, here I was, standing on the wonderful field turf on the 50-yard line of Kinnick Stadium following Iowa's amazing 23-20 victory over PSU. How did I get here?

First of all, I wouldn't have been at the game on Saturday if it weren't for my good friend David May. I've known Dave for years and he's always had Iowa football season tickets. Most years, he'll offer to take me to a game if it works out. Dave hit me up at the beginning of the year and asked if I wanted to go see the Penn State game? We had no idea that it would be the game of the year in college football at the time. Dave has some great seats in the newly remodeled north endzone of Kinnick Stadium. In fact, he's just a few rows from the field itself.

Ryan Brainard

As we settled in for the game, the atmosphere was electric. I'd been to plenty of Iowa games before, but I've never experienced or heard the sounds I heard on Saturday. Every Iowa fan shouting at the top of their lungs making it impossible for the Penn State offense to hear. Dave shot some video of Matt Hankin's second-half interception. I wish the video did the noise justice.

It was then late in the 4th quarter after Iowa had taken the lead, that the notion of storming the field became a possibility. I asked Dave if he thought it would happen. Our answer was Iowa fans beginning to gather down where our seats were located. It was happening. Since this would be my first field-storming I asked Dave for some advice. He advised to hang back and to take your time. Let the first rush go and then slowly make your way down. So when the clock hit zero, Kinnick went nuts!

Ryan Brainard

I have to admit, it wasn't nearly as dangerous as I thought it would be. After jumping down onto the field, Dave and I took our time and made our way to the center of Kinnick Stadium. A place usually reserved for football players was now taken over by their loyal fans. There was no pushing or shoving. Just high fives and cheers. Chants of 'Let's Go Hawks' broke out and everyone had their cell phones out to record the amazing moment. Dave took this picture that summed up an amazing gameday in Iowa City. One of my top sports memories of all time. Way to go Hawkeyes!

David May

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