What will it be called? What will it look like? When will it be on sale? Everybody is speculating on the new iPhone, which will likely be released in early September.

I've been reading a ton of articles in the past few days about the new iPhone, and Apple seems to be doing a REALLY good job of keeping the details under wraps.

A lot of people are calling it the "iPhone 7," but others are saying it will be dubbed the "iPhone 6s." Whatever it's called, it looks like Apple will be sticking to the new tradition of offering two different sizes. It is said the the exterior of the phone won't be much different, but it may be built with the same aluminum that the Apple Watch is made with, which is 60% stronger. The new iPhone is also rumored to be adopting the Force Touch feature, that is also used for the Apple Watch.

Apple has asked suppliers for a record number of these new phones, and that means they are expecting a huge demand. Hopefully that means they're REALLY awesome

If you're wondering when the release date is, it is still unconfirmed, but they are guessing it will be the week of September 7, possible on the 9th. Pre-orders will potentially be allowed starting on the 11th, and the official retail launch might be the 18th. 

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