Pringles has officially announced their newest flavor, and it's one that has us a little puzzled. If you are a lover of ramen noodles, get ready for Top Ramen Chicken-Flavored Pringles! Yes, I'm being serious:

A press release from Pringles reads:

"Pringles is known for delivering the epic flavor mashups fans love. That’s why this summer, Pringles is teaming up with the ramen pros at Nissin Top Ramen to launch new Pringles Nissin Top Ramen Chicken Flavor."

The new chip will only be available at Dollar General stores and will hit shelves at the end of the month. There's no word on if it's being marketed to hungry college kids.

At first, I was a little confused by this concept. I only eat ramen noodles when I'm sick or broke, or a combination of the two. But then I remembered how delicious that chicken flavor packet is. Sprinkling that on a chip can't be bad, right? I smell a new Taste Bud Trivia video on the way...

What do you think about the Top Ramen Pringles? Would you try them? Let us know in the comments!

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