Here in Eastern Iowa, we LOVE our cereal. Last week I could smell the Crunch Berries at Quaker Oats all the way over at my apartment, and it was just heavenly! March 7th is also known as National Cereal Day, a day to celebrate one of the most popular breakfast items across the country.

I love me a good bowl of cereal, but here's the thing: I never eat it for breakfast. Never. I prefer to eat it for a snack or, most recently, dinner. I've eaten a bowl of Lucky Charms for dinner every night for the last week. It may not be the healthiest of options, but it sure is delicious!

A new study from Food & Wine used Google search data to figure out what the most popular cereal is in each state, and the winner for Iowa is a bit surprising. Kix is the most searched cereal here, which is made by General Mills. I did enjoy Kix as a kid, but is it REALLY the most popular?

In honor of today being National Cereal Day, we want to know two things:

1. What's your #1 favorite breakfast cereal?

2. Do you drink the leftover milk at the end?

I'll start! I would have to say that Rice Krispies are my favorite cereal, but I NEVER drink the milk afterward. I hate floaties and milk that isn't ice cold.

Now it's your turn to answer! Here are some of the answers from Facebook:

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