I'm not going to lie, getting a tattoo hurts. People will often ask "did it hurt?" Yes, it did. But there are some spots on the body where it hurts more than others. I have tried to avoid those areas when getting my ink. I've stuck to my arms and shoulders for my tattoos. Those are two of the areas that hurt the least...if you can really say that about getting a tattoo. What about some of the MOST painful spots? The head, face, sternum, hand, elbow, ribcage and stomach are among the worst spots. Another bad spot are the butt cheeks. Who knew that the padding wouldn't help.

My suggestion is to get one on a less sensitive area, like the shoulder, to judge your pain tolerance. Yes, tattoos are painful to get. But I never felt the pain was overpowering. I didn't look down at mine while they were being done either. I've got this thing about seeing my own blood. But in the end, I don't regret getting them. Yes, they hurt, but after you're done you'll want more. I guarantee it.

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