Working in radio has been and continues to be a ton of fun. Endless concerts. Meeting artists that you play on the radio. Interacting with our great and loyal listeners. But there is one event that is more important than all of that. It's bigger than radio. Heck, it's bigger than all of us. It's our Radiothon for the Children's Miracle Network. It's the most important thing I've ever done in my 20 plus years in radio.

This year will mark KHAK's 23rd Radiothon. I've been a part of 22 of them. For my first, I was behind the scenes back here at the station putting together pieces that aired, while Britta and The Bear broadcast live from Iowa City. The very next year, I did my first Radiothon with Bear. Nothing can prepare you for the first time. The first time you see a parent cry telling their story. The first time you see a child be brave right in front of you. And the first time you break down and cry on the air. It's not something they prepare you for when you're studying broadcasting.

Something else I always heard about Radiothon was how it would all change for me once I had kids of my own. I didn't understand how until it happened. Suddenly, every interview about someone else's child reminded me of my own children. It does to this day. I've been blessed with three healthy children. I can't imagine my life with them being sick. It's every parent's nightmare and nothing can make Radiothon more real than that fear.

Danielle Rodgers

Doing Radiothon isn't a one-person job. It takes a great team. Doing it with Bear, then Steele, and now Courtlin has shown me that a strong team is needed to get through the event. There will be times that one of us is down, or tired, or unfocused. That's when the other is there to pick you up. To get you through a break, or a story. That's what we continue to do for each other. And we do it all for the kids. The children who are stuck in that hospital not because they want to, but because they have to. That is why we ask you to donate.


I know it might be difficult, but don't think of Radiothon as that 'sad' two-day thing KHAK does every year. Yes, it can be tough to listen at times. But even the saddest of stories are filled with hope. Hope, and an understanding that even though every story doesn't have a happy ending, they happened for a reason. And that reason is to help others get through it. Help others SURVIVE it. That is why we broadcast there every year. That is why we need your help.

1-800-456-2772. Thank you.