For those of you who haven't reached middle age yet, it's not often a fun time. Numerous factors combine to make middle age a pain in the...well, you know. In fact, a new study has come up with the exact age you'll be your most miserable.

Dartmouth College commissioned a study on misery. It looked at data from over 8 million Americans over nearly three decades to find out when people are most miserable. The results? You're most miserable at the age of 47.2 years old. Good god, I'm almost there!

The study found that happiness in adults goes in a U shaped curve. We're happy when we're 18. Then we get less happy in our 20's, 30's and 40's. Things bottom out at the age of 47.2 but then turn around. We actually start getting happier! By the time you reach the age of 70, you'll feel as happy as when you were 18.

Why is middle age so depressing? Where do I start? Pressures from work, home, kids, mortgages, medical bills just to name a few. Plus, when you reach your 40's you realize that any big dreams you had simply aren't going to come true. Sorry. But as you get older, you gain perspective. And that makes you happy for the things you have, and not worry about the things you don't. I'm ready for that stage to kick in any time.


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