This weekend I went back home to Michigan for a visit, which means I got to spend plenty of time with my dog Charles. Charles is adorable as all heck, but he's a little bit of a pain in the butt. Just look at this face, it's impossible to stay mad at him:


Charlie has been known to eat all sorts of things, food and NOT food. He's eaten remotes, glasses, shoes, pillows, couches, birth control pills, pens, chapstick, dead fish heads, pig poop... the list could honestly go on forever. This weekend, though, he ate something especially dangerous: cooked chicken bones. He somehow managed to weasel his way into the trash and snatch one, making my mom chase him around the room while he chewed it up. Luckily he was ok, but dogs can die from cooked bones, because they can splinter off and damage their organs. He gave us a good scare.

In honor of Charlie's never-ending hunger for things he's not supposed to eat, we decided to open up the phone lines to listeners to hear their crazy stories! What's the craziest thing your dog has ever eaten? Listen to the calls and then share your stories in the comments!

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