When my brother and I were kids, we had a mission each year to find out where our parents hid our Christmas presents. We had a large house and the hiding places were too numerous to find. But one year, we found the mother load. Needless to say, we weren't all that surprised on Christmas Day. Looking back it really took the fun out of Christmas when you already knew what you were getting. So parents, here are some top notch place to hide those gifts!

  • At a friends house. Hey, your kids can't go searching all the houses in your neighborhood...can they?
  • In a suitcase. This is brilliant. Suitcases are boring. Kids will never even think to check inside.
  • The back of the top shelf in your closet. I have to warn you about this one. I was a tall kid. This one didn't work at my house.
  • The back shelf of a kitchen cupboard. Again, be wary of tall kids but this could work.
  • In a tool shed. I wouldn't find a gift hidden here as an adult!


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