The website UPROXX recently posted a list with the best food truck in each state, and the winner for Iowa looks absolutely delicious!

Food trucks seem to be gaining popularity all over the country right now, and that includes the state of Iowa. We have some amazing food trucks here in Eastern Iowa like Caribbean Kitchen, The Grateful Crepe, and Rio's Burritos (see some of them HERE), but unfortunately, the winner of a new UPROXX list didn't come from Eastern Iowa. It actually came from over in Des Moines, and it's called Gastro Grub Truck.

Gastro Grub Truck is owned by Sean Gleason and Andrea Cunningham of Des Moines, who both have some serious culinary skills. The menu for the truck changes on a daily basis, but no matter what day it is, the food sounds fantastic. UPROXX mentioned some specific options in their article:

"The truck predominantly serves sandwiches, like the Italian Meatball Slider with scratch meatballs, smoked provolone, and a roasted tomato sauce."

"For some reason, foodies with food trucks love putting savory comestibles in a waffle cone, and that includes Sean Gleason, who serves one packed with fried chicken and mashed potatoes."

"Sometimes, the menu includes savory fried doughnuts smothered in meaty chili, sharp cheddar cheese, diced red onion, and sour cream."

The menu on the Gastro Grub website also includes bacon-wrapped dates, a short rib grilled cheese, truffle fries, and grilled peaches. I'm all in.

What's your favorite food truck in Eastern Iowa? Share yours in the comments!

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