As we get closer to the holidays, we really start dreaming about all of the food we're going to eat. There are some foods that aren't just good for eating (and dreaming about), but that would actually make great gifts for the holidays!

Thrillist put together a list of the 'Best Food From Every State That Ships Nationwide'. According to the article, "much to the delight of homesick transplants and other culinary curious folks" these foods ship all over the place.

Iowa's best food gift, according to Thrillist, is La Quercia meats! Here's what the article had to say about these delicious meats:

Iowa is far and away America's leading pork producer, and the good people at La Quercia have such a way with swine that their prosciutto and other Italian meats have won over even the most strident Europhiles. "Is this heaven? No It's Iowa" is going to take on a whole new meaning for you."-Thrillist

This is perfect for a last minute gift idea, sharing with your loved ones this holiday season, or just keeping as a little present to yourself. If meat doesn't suit your fancy, check out what other foods you can get shipped for the holidays in the full list here.  ENJOY!

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