I don't think anyone can argue with this!

The website New Arena put together a list of the best actors from all 50 states, which means today was the day I discovered that the legendary John Wayne is an Iowa-native. Don't yell at me... I've only lived here for about five years!

John Wayne's Sign
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The article states:

"No one epitomized masculinity quite like John Wayne. Born Marion Morrison, the actor was born in Winterset, Iowa. Wayne spent his childhood here before moving with his family to southern California. Wayne quickly developed into a fantastic actor. He was the quintessential protagonist in any western-centric film. To this day, he remains a hero for generations upon generations of people."

Winterset, located a little over two and a half hours from Cedar Rapids, is now home to the John Wayne Birthplace Museum. According to the official website, visitors "have the opportunity to see the largest diversified exhibit of John Wayne artifacts in existence, including original movie posters, film wardrobe, scripts, contracts, letters, artwork and sculpture, and even one of his last customized automobiles." It also houses a movie theater and a gift shop!

What other actors are from here in the Midwest? Here are the winners for surrounding states:

  • South Dakota - January Jones
  • Nebraska - Marlon Brando
  • Minnesota - Judy Garland
  • Wisconsin - Gene Wilder
  • Missouri - Betty Grable
  • Illinois - Ronald Reagan

Check out the rest of the list HERE.

Who is your favorite actor born here in Iowa? I'm gonna have to go with Jason Momoa! Leave yours in the comments below!

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