As somebody who commuted 50 minutes to and from work six days a week for almost three years, I can tell you that long commutes SUCK. When I moved to Iowa, I made a conscious effort to live as close to work as possible, and now my drive at 4 a.m. only takes about six minutes! I know I'm one of the lucky ones, though, because not everybody lives that close to their place of employment.

The website Thrillist used data from the American Community Survey to put together a list of the average commute times for each state in the U.S. They then ranked each state from lowest to highest commute time. Iowa came in at number seven on the list, with an average commute of 19 minutes! That may sound like a lot, but it could be worse. The average travel time for New Yorkers is almost 35 minutes, which is the highest in the country (not surprisingly).

Here are the five states with the lowest commutes:

  1. South Dakota
  2. Wyoming
  3. North Dakota
  4. Montana
  5. Alaska

How long is your daily commute to work? Share yours in the comments!

[Via Thrillist]

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