As a child of the 90's there are a ton of cartoons I remember growing up watching (aside from all of the Disney movies, of course.) Some that some to mind off of the top of my head include Courage The Cowardly Dog, Hey Arnold, and Rugrats just to name a few. There were sooo many great ones that I sometimes forget what all I used to watch. This list definitely sparked some memories for me and if you were a 90's baby it probably will for you too. used Google Trends data to discover the top cartoons from the 90's that people are still talking about in every state. Iowa's choice was Batman: The Animated Series. That wasn't one of the ones that I was crazy about, but I definitely remember it being on.

Here are some of the favorites from our neighboring states:

Illinois- Arthur
Minnesota- Arthur
Missouri- The Magic School Bus
Nebraska- Pinky And The Brain
South Dakota- The Magic School Bus
Wisconsin- Recess

Check out the full list here. What were your favorite cartoons growing up? Let us know in the comments!

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