It's a good time to work at Target, as employees are getting a raise!

According to KWWL, the popular retailer is increasing the minimum hourly wage by $1, making it $11 an hour starting in October. And it doesn't stop there! The Minneapolis-based company plans to increase that again to $15 an hour by 2020.

MSN reports that this increase comes after "the Minneapolis City Council approved a measure making large companies pay workers at least $15 an hour by 2022."

With the increase in wages, Target's base pay will be more than the minimum wage in 48 states. With this news and the holidays nearing, it wouldn't be surprising if they started seeing an influx of applications coming in. After all, they do plan to hire 100,000 temporary workers for the holidays-- all of which would receive the pay increase.

If you're needing a seasonal job to pay for all of those presents, it would appear that this is a great place to look into. We’ve luckily got several Target locations in our area including Edgewood Rd. SW and Blairs Ferry Rd. NE in Cedar Rapids.

Oh, and if you are or become employed here, try not to spend your entire paycheck in the store. We know it's hard to resist sometimes.


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