Christmas is almost here. The gifts have been purchased and wrapped. The tree is decorated and the lights have been hung on the house. You're supposed to feel festive. You're supposed to be in the Christmas spirit! But as each year passes, it becomes more difficult to enjoy this time of year.

Now it's not that I don't like Christmas. I try really hard to view it through the eyes of my kids. To them, this time of year is all about magic. The elf on the shelf is watching! Writing letters to Santa. Leaving out milk and cookies on Christmas Eve. I think back to my childhood and remember how much fun it was getting up on Christmas morning. But as parents, you realize how much pressure there is to make each year one to remember. We've tried to explain to our kids that it isn't so much about what you get for Christmas as it is about what you can give.

It's one reason that as an adult I've come to enjoy Thanksgiving more than Christmas. No gifts, just food, family, friends, and football. It seems as if Christmas becomes more and more commercial each year. We forget the real reason for the season.

My Christmas wish for you is that you understand the reason behind Christmas. I hope your family enjoys each other and the holiday season. May it be filled with magic and miracles no matter how big or small.

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