The Cedar Rapids Gazette is reporting that pizza restaurant Sweet Basil's Pizza Pie will close its doors this week. The pizza place will close for good on February 29th.

The owner of the restaurant, Angela Kobusch, said that Sweet Basil's only has three employees, herself, her mother Sheryl Kobusch, and one other person. All of them are reportedly ready for new opportunities, jobs, or in Sheryl Kobusch's case, retirement.

The current lineup was a bit of a second life for Sweet Basil's. The pizzeria was founded by Basil and Lynn Hadjis at 2874 Mt. Vernon Road in 2005. They closed at the beginning of 2012. Angela Kobusch took over the restaurant a few months later and reopened. She says that there is still the chance that Sweet Basil's survives. The building and the business are both up for sale.

Angela says that saying goodbye to the customers is the hardest part. She said they've been great and loyal and they'll miss them.

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