I don't know why I've never known this until now, but Sunday is a holiday I'm VERY down with celebrating... National Grilled Cheese Day!

National Grilled Cheese Day falls on April 12th every year, so mark your calendars! Here are some fun facts about grilled cheese:

  • 86% of the adults surveyed say they LOVE grilled cheese (I feel really sad for the other 14%)
  • 60% of people prefer their grilled cheese have at least 2 types of cheeses, while the other 40% like only one type of cheese
  • 53% of people say they want ONLY cheese on their grilled cheese, and the other 47% say they add other toppings to the sandwich
  • The most popular cheese to use is American (41%), followed by cheddar (33%), with provolone (6%) coming in 3rd

I'm a lover of all grilled cheeses, but if I make it at home I typically just use Kraft American singles. I'm not a fan of adding extra toppings that aren't cheese, I feel like it takes away from the cheesy flavor.

What's your favorite way to make a grilled cheese? Share your recipe below!

Via Skout