If you could, would you want to know the day you're going to die? A new study claims to be able to pinpoint the most likely days you potentially could kick the bucket.

This vital life or death information (really) comes to us courtesy of YouTube channel Half as Interesting. They shared some analytics that point out the most likely death days you need to watch out for. This new video is already trending on national sites like Digg for obvious reasons.

Statistically, they name New Year's Day as the #1 mortality day. Why? They theorize that people are less likely to seek medical help on holidays and hospitals tend to have less staff on hand.

July 1 is also a day to watch out for if you need to go to a hospital. That theory goes that new medical staff are more likely to make a fatal drug error on that day more than any other.

If driving is a concern to you, August 2 is statistically the day you're most likely to meet your end. That lovely news comes from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

If you want to be even more exact, 11 am and 6 pm are the most likely times to meet your demise. Blame that on your DNA according to the video study.

Can you know for sure? Of course not. Is it interesting that these days come up as "fatal" days more than others? I would say absolutely. Now you'll understand why I'm choosing to not come to your New Year's Eve party.

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