Police in Dubuque have arrested a 17-year-old student for bringing a handgun to Dubuque Senior High School on Monday. According to police, a student reported to a staff member that Jason Jashawn Gardner had a gun in his backpack.

The school's resource officer and a school administrator located Gardner and got the backpack out of his locker. Inside, the found an unloaded handgun. He was sent home from school for the day. Gardner is charged with Carrying Weapons on School Grounds which is a class D felony. He is currently being held in the Dubuque County Jail awaiting his initial court appearance.

Meanwhile, authorities also apprehended two kids who trespassed on school grounds on Monday. They left the school before officers could get to them early on Monday. A suspicious car was then seen later in the day in the school parking lot. It left when officers approached it. Police later found the vehicle and apprehended the two minors who had trespassed earlier. They were taken to a juvenile detention center.

Police do not believe the two incidents were related, but continue their investigation.


[via KCRG]

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