In 2020, there is no more controversial item than the mask. It has seemingly become a symbol of either government oppression, or the simple way to slow down an infectious disease. I'll admit that sometimes wearing a mask can be uncomfortable, but the science is clear. If we wear them while we're out in public, it will help slow down the spread of coronavirus. And that's something that we all want. But there is a lot of misinformation about masks that are clouding people's judgment. One of the biggest is your right to conceal carry.

I'm sure you've seen the meme or post shared on your social media newsfeed. It claims that by wearing a facemask, you give up your right to conceal carry a firearm. Now I admit, I don't have my license to conceal carry, but I understand why many people choose to. I'll admit when I first read that wearing a mask canceled out your conceal carry rights I was curious. Could this be true? A little research turned up the answer. No, it is NOT true.

First of all, there are no blanket laws that cover conceal carry nationally. Those laws will vary state by state. Some states do have anti-mask laws, but these laws were not put in place with the pandemic of 2020 in mind. They were put in place so you couldn't wear a mask and commit an illegal act. Seems reasonable, doesn't it? So what about Iowa, can you wear a mask and conceal carry? The answer according to US Law Shield, is yes. As you can see on the map at this link, very few states mention conceal carry and masks in the same provision. Neighboring Illinois recently cleared up some confusing language in their laws with an executive order from the governor, saying that maks worn for medical reasons were OK.

So another mask myth debunked! Wear a mask, gun or no gun. You'll be a hero either way.


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