Police get stray animal calls frequently. Dogs and cats mostly. But occasionally they'll get some exotic animals that have gotten loose too. But how about a kangaroo. In Norwalk, Iowa. That's what happened Tuesday night.

Officers received the call just after 10:30 pm of a kangaroo roaming around the city of Norwalk. Two witnesses who called into police helped officers catch the animal. It took about a half an hour to apprehend the bouncing beast. It was then transferred to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

The kangaroo, which by the way is legal to own in the state of Iowa, is owned by a Norwalk man who had originally purchased it to have as a pet on his farm. But when it didn't work out, he was forced to confine it to a pen until he could get the animal sold. An add found on Craigslist says that the kangaroo is for sale for $4500. Sources say that the animal has been sold to a buyer in Nebraska.

I'm not sure what is more shocking about this story. The fact that a kangaroo was loose in Iowa, or the fact it's legal to own one here!

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