In these frustrating times of social distancing and isolation from society, it's easy to get tired, bored, and depressed. Many of the things that we turn to for enjoyment are no longer possible because of the coronavirus outbreak. For me, personally, that includes sports. No NCAA Tournament. No Masters golf tournament. No NBA Playoffs. And very soon, more than likely no summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. So what is a sports fan to do?

Many of the networks dedicated to sports are airing all-time great games which can be fun to watch from time to time. But I recently discovered a twitter account that dedicates itself to something a little closer to home. All-time great Iowa Hawkeye highlights. The name of the account is Iowa Nostalgia, @RetroHawkeyes. The account posts videos every weekday at 9 a.m. and again at 6 p.m. It's been fun to watch and remember some great moments in Hawkeye history! There are plenty of football moments to choose from including Iowa's most recent win against USC.

Not only are there football highlights, but Iowa basketball is also covered. How about this shot from a freshman named Jordan Bohannon!

The bottom line is, watching these videos makes me feel good. They make me feel happy. They remind me of times when we didn't have to worry about catching a potentially deadly virus. We could just sit back, watch and enjoy our favorite teams. Don't worry Hawkeye fans, we'll be able to again. But until then, sit back and enjoy some great Hawkeye history!

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