Iowa officials are urging residents to remain vigilant against potential scams targeting those affected by recent natural disasters in the state. 

Iowa has recently confronted significant natural disasters, including extensive flooding along the Missouri River and its tributaries over the past week. This flooding has prompted evacuation orders in multiple communities such as Smithland, Rodney, and Rock Valley, and tragically resulted in the loss of life in Clay County. Furthermore, a bridge collapse between Sioux City and North Sioux City, South Dakota, has added to the challenges faced by the region. 

Governor Kim Reynolds reported that the flooding has damaged or destroyed approximately 1,900 properties. As affected residents and local authorities prepare for recovery efforts,  has cautioned the public to exercise vigilance when making donations or engaging contractors. 


Beware of potential scams

During a press conference on Wednesday, Sand highlighted that although there have been no reported scams related to the flooding thus far, vigilance is crucial given the potential for opportunistic individuals to exploit the situation. He emphasized the importance of skepticism towards deals that sound too good to be true or requests for significant upfront payments. 

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According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), common scams following natural disasters include fraudulent individuals posing as housing inspectors, contractors, or government disaster workers seeking personal financial information or upfront payments. 

FEMA has responded to the Iowa Governor

President Joe Biden has authorized federal assistance for flooded areas in Iowa, making Individual Assistance Program funds available to residents in Clay, Emmet, Lyon, Plymouth, and Sioux counties through FEMA's disaster assistance website. Businesses can also apply for low-interest disaster loans via the U.S. Small Business Administration's loan portal. 

In these challenging times, officials urge Iowans to prioritize safety and caution as they navigate recovery efforts and interact with potential service providers and donation appeals. 


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