There were some scary and tense moments at the school where my son attends classes this week. Vernon Middle School in Marion went on lockdown Tuesday morning after a student made verbal threats about using a gun. Now some parents are questioning the police response to the situation.

When the threat was reported by the school, officers from the Marion Police Department were among the first to respond to the incident. Officers from Hiawatha, the Iowa State Patrol, and Linn County Sheriff's office also responded. Some parents question some of the equipment used by police to respond to a verbal threat. My son said that one of his friends told him he saw SWAT entering the school. Police officials say that SWAT was not involved, but officers did carry along the equipment just in case it was needed.

Another question some had was the amount of police presence for a verbal threat. The student was arrested and charged with first-degree harassment. No weapon was found. Officials say that all agencies followed protocol for the situation.

My question for all these parents that question the actions of police is this. Would you rather they send two officers and then find out it's an active shooter situation with lives on the line? In the day and age we live in, any threat made insinuating gun violence must be taken seriously. I don't want my kid's school added to the list of schools with tragedy attached to their name. This is one parent who is thankful for the response of law enforcement and the transparency of the school district. Thank you for keeping our kids safe.


[via CBS2]

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