In honor of the Iowa State Fair coming up, and my deep love of fair food, I found a list with some of the craziest fair foods I have ever heard of!

This year, the Orange County Fair in California is celebrating 125 years. In honor of that FoodBeast compiled a list of the 125 best foods you can find at the fair, and most of them will be there this year! Here are some of the weirdest ones I found on the list:

  • The Fireball Donut - a giant donut topped with a Fireball Whiskey glaze, bananas, and melted caramel.
  • Deep-Fried Pizza - SELF-EXPLANATORY. And yes, I would totally eat it.
  • Funnel Cake Burger - A cheeseburger with powdered sugar covered funnel cake as buns.
  • Bacon-Wrapped Jack Daniel's - A hollowed-out churro, injected with half a shot of Jack Daniel's. THEN it's rolled in sugar, wrapped in bacon, put on the grill, and topped with whipped cream and syrup.
  • Deep-Fried Peanut Butter Pickle Dog - A pickle stuffed with peanut butter and fried with cornmeal batter, just like a corn dog!
  • Koolickle - A pickle soaked in Kool-Aid... what?!

Would you try any of these? Check out some of the other crazy creations HERE.

[Via FoodBeast]

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