It looks like most businesses on Collins Road in Cedar Rapids have reopened following the August 10th derecho, but there are still some recovering from some pretty extensive damage.

It appears that stores in the Collins Road Square shopping center took a pretty hard hit during the infamous storm two weeks ago, including Michaels. A new article from the Cedar Rapids Gazette says that the popular craft store "sustained significant damage" and is closed until further notice. Stacy Jones, the store manager, said that they are still waiting to hear how long the repairs will take. The article reports:

"Jones and her employees were packing merchandise on Friday to remove it from the store. That will allow inspection to determine what repairs are needed before the store can reopen."

Michaels isn't the only store in the shopping center that hasn't reopened. According to their website and Facebook page, their neighbor Collins Road Theatres is also closed for the time being. A post from August 13th reads:

"While we fared better than many, our roof and AC units took a pretty big hit from the Iowa Hurricane of 2020. We are making repairs but it will likely be a little while."

Austad's Golf, another store in that strip, says they'll be closed for several weeks, but anyone who would still like to support the business can order items online at They posted some photos of the damage to their Facebook page on August 11th:

Betty Jane Candies updated their Facebook page on August 11th to share that they also suffered some store damage and would be closed until further notice:

Half Price Books appears to be temporarily closed for repairs, but right next door at West Music things are back up and running. A recent Facebook post says they were able to open their doors yesterday, August 24th:

MODE's Facebook page notes that they are open for business, as does Mandarin Spice Asian Grill's. Mandarin Spice has actually been serving up lots of meals to the community these past few weeks!

If you know of any other businesses in that area that are temporarily closed because of storm damage, please let us know in the comments!

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